Video by Liz McKenzie, Stories and Photography by Liz McKenzie & Richard Nelson

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The Longest Migration — Yukon River King Salmon

Every year, countless millions of salmon carry out one of the greatest animal migrations on earth. The longest and most remarkable of these journeys runs virtually the entire length of the Yukon River.

Arctic Salmon

If you were looking at a map of Alaska, with the word “SALMON” in mind, your eyes might drift down to Southeast Alaska, envisioning thousands of...

Restoring El Dorado

It was an exquisite January morning — early fog dissipating, sunlight slanting down through enormous redwoods, gentle cascades murmuring in...

The Private Lives of Salmon

Catch a rare underwater look at wild Alaskan chum salmon.

Salmon Watchers

“Man, look at that! There’s a zillion of ’em down there!”

It Takes A Watershed

Richard and Liz take us into the Kaasda Héen River to explore the dynamics of a full, functioning salmon-supporting watershed.

Hidden Treasure

Most of us have dreamed about finding hidden treasure, and that’s exactly what happens when host Richard Nelson explores a river in the rainforest.

Splash: Winter’s Cache

The snow has already melted and Alaskans are waiting with baited breath for the salmon runs to arrive.

Splash: The Salmon-Swan Connection

Is there a connection between salmon and trumpeter swans?

The Hidden Migration 

Writer, naturalist, and Encounters Radio host Richard Nelson shares his enthusiasm for one of the migrations of salmon that we rarely think about....

Where the River Meets the Tides: Salmon and Estuaries

A few miles out from the town of Sitka, literally at the end of the road, is an exquisitely beautiful...

Glacier Salmon: Lessons for an Uncertain Future

Learn more about Glacial retreat and how the salmon have responded.

Sockeye Salmon: The Scarlet Treasure

The Sockeye's lifestyle has a much common with other salmon, But with a couple of unique twists.

Life From Clay: The Art of Robert Rose

Sitka’s Robert Rose draws his inspiration from the natural world all around him, including the inspiring wild salmon.

Salmon Tattoos

The Story of A brilliant Ketchikan artist and icthyophile, whose work is resulting in Alaskans wearing their salmon pride on their sleeve...

Any Fool Can Do This

A Cooking Extravaganza With Richard Nelson

Salmon Saturdays

Sitka’s Liz McKenzie goes about as far away as you can go to discover how Alaska’s salmon fit into lives that are entirely different than our own…

Or are they?