Liz McKenzie is a writer and filmmaker based in Sitka, Alaska.   She’s passionate about sharing the nature, science and traditional ecological knowledge of Alaska through her writing and films.  Much of her work is centered on wild salmon—the lifeblood of Alaskan communities both human and ecological. Liz's films have been seen widely at conferences and film festivals in Alaska, throughout the US and internationally.

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Richard Nelson has spent most of his life in Alaska, pursuing his fascination with the natural world and the outdoors.   He lived for years as a cultural anthropologist with Inupiaq Eskimo, Gwich’in, and Koyukon Indian people, leading to his books about traditional native knowledge and subsistence.   He has also written award-winning books about nature, including The Island Within; and he produced a public radio series exploring the wild, titled Encounters.   At home in southeast Alaska, Richard watches salmon, fishes for salmon, eats salmon, celebrates salmon, and dreams of the day when Alaska is known—first and foremost—as the Salmon State.